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One may ask, why is the SPSL being formed?  Here are many answers to that question.

My name is William Daniel Roman , WDR for short.  I have been living in Pennsylvania in East Pennsboro School District for over 20 years.  I like it here.  I plan on living here for a long time.  I have been a huge sports fan my whole life.  I enjoyed, and still enjoy, playing all sports.  I was actually an All-American College Football Player and an All State High School Baseball Player.  I know what it takes to excel in athletics.  I have 2 young children who have been, and will continue to, compete within various sport here in this school district.  I deeply hope my children geet a good bite of the "athletic apple" as they compete within the various leagues available to them in this area.  I think they have great potential.  I think it is imortant that they compete within well managed leagues in all sports in which they compete.  Yes, I also hope they can excel in one of those sports to a point where they can receive scholarships to go to a good college.  I am sure there are many others out there who feel the same way I do.  Ergo, the creation of the SPSL.  A well managed league, run by a business, designed for all-star play among specifically defined school district boundaries.  Play will be a preview of future high school match ups and outcomes.  Play with the kids you will probably be playing with on your high school teams.  Get better; sooner.  "Sharpen your sword" better by playing against "better" talent.  Play against the best kids in your class.  Improve the caliber of athletics in America.

The SPARX Public School League - SPSL 

Interesting Facts about The SPSL

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