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Before you add a game to your shopping cart, you will be prompted to see if you want to BACK YOU ORDER UP. This means, you may get and additional copy of the same game on DVD or VHS video tape. So, for example, you could buy 1 game on DVD for $120 and back it up, get another one of the exact same games on another DVD for an additional charge of $30.00. You can also buy a game on VHS and get a backup copy on DVD for $30 extra. Rember, it costs $30 to BACK UP a game. You can't get 2 different games for $120 plus $30. But if you get a game, you can back the same game up, on DVD or VHS for $30. If you would like to BACK UP YOUR PURCHASE simply click to add it to your order. The option will be presented to you before you add it to your cart.

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