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The SPARX Public School League (SPSL)

Introducing, The SPARX Public School League (SPSL)

A nationally organized league that will organize youth play in all sports including, baseball, basketball, softball, soccer, football, track, and others.  Better than average/all-star players playing with and against all-star players within a particular public school district and within each players same grade level.  Grades 1 thru 8 and ages 8 to 14.

Play with the same set of players you will be playing with in high school from the age of 8.

Get better; sooner.

Currently seeking to fill the positions outlined below

Title - Number of positions needed

1. Vice President of The SPSL - 1

2.  State Representatives. - 1 for every State in America

3.  School District Representatives. - 1 for every School District in America

4.  School District Sport Representatives.- 1 for every sport in a School District in America.

Seeking Players

1.  If you, or someone you know is an above average Flag Football Player and is a future member of the High School Graduating class of 2019 Please contact or call 717-732-5643.  SPARX Sports is forming teams in your area, let us know if you want to play.  SPARX will form a team in your School District.

Seeking Coaches and General Managers

1.  Best candidates are the fathers of good players who are also good coaches and managers.

Also seeking

1.  Team Owners - Own the team, run the team, pay the SPSL League Fee.

2.  Team General Managers - Select and help Manage the team.

3.  Team Head Coaches. - Head Coach the team.

4.  Youth players ages 8 to 14. - Interested Players need to contact Head Coach. or email

Read The SPSL Mission Statement


 Interesting Facts about The SPSL 

If you are interested email or call 717-732-5643.


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