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THE CHRISTMAS DELIVERY STORY Put the jingle in your bells by Christmas Day. PLACE A RUSH ORDER, and have it under the tree Christmas Morning..

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The Christmas Delivery Story is a lot like any rush order situation, such as Father's Day, a Birthday, or any other Date by which you need your order. THE CHRISTMAS DELIVERY STORY. Please read this if you are hoping to receive your product by Christmas, or if you need your order delivered by a specific date. Here is the Christmas Delivery Story. Christmas Shopping is upon us. This Holiday Season is a high volume time for , a company run by WDR. I am a small company and can only produce so much product a day. Although, I can produce a lot a day. Every year now, for about 20 years, issues arise relating to the delivery of my product for Christmas. Here is the story. I carry tens of thousands of games on my site. For the most part, I can deliver anyone of them, anywhere on the globe within 2 days, to about 6 weeks or more. This is a delivery estimate not a guarantee on delivery of any kind. Basically, when you place an order, you get in line along with dozens of other customers. Some games are in-house, I can move them quicker than I can move a game I must request from a supplier. About 78% of my stuff is in-house. About 22% of my stuff comes from suppliers. When I have to rely on a supplier, it is more difficult to guarantee a delivery on a certain date, however I still do. Some suppliers move slower than others. Some move very quick. It all depends what game you want and from where it must be procured. I have suppliers all over the world. I offer rush order pricing. The deal is; you pay the rush order charge and I guarantee you will receive your order on, or before, the date you specify. Pay the rush order charges outlined and receive any number of games you need by any specific date by which you need them. For example, if you need 1 game in 10 days, pay the $45.00 rush order charge and get your game within 10 days. Remember, the rush order charge is added to the normal shipping and handling charge. If you place an online order and pay a rush charge, you can expect to receive your order on, or before, the guarantee date. If you don't receive your rush order by the date specified, your rush charge will be refunded in full. Your order will not be cancelled but delivered when possible. My missing a rush order date qualifies you for a refund of the rush charge but not the net sale. All rush order charges are non-refundable unless I miss the delivery date. All orders are Non-Cancelable. If you want a game by Christmas and do not want to pay the rush charge, you can notate on your order form, "Try To Rush by Xmas" or by a specific date. I can "Try to Rush" for my normal shipping and handling charge. I will try; but no guarantee. I may also give you some rudimentary odds on the possibility of your order arriving by Xmas. You can email me at and ask what the odds are you will receive your particular game by Christmas. If I give you rudimentary odds on the possibility of a Christmas delivery without paying a rush charge, you can make the call as to whether or not you want to erase that percentage of doubt by paying the rush charge. For example, you may have to pay an extra $5.00 to remove 5% of doubt that your order will arrive in time for Christmas. If you place and order and make no notation of your desire to receive said order by Xmas, you may not receive it by Christmas. Even if you placed your order more than 50 days before Christmas. Please understand, I deliver a very unique product. A product that, for the most part, is available no where else. I do not sell office products, or something that you can get anywhere. Some games take a lot of work to get from where they are, to where I am, onto the format you want, and then to any destination on the globe for you to see. It's a pretty amazing service for the price, if you think about it. Please rest assured the great majority of my orders are delivered with no problem. I am posting this information so that you will know the scoop, up front, and also to prevent the small percentage of customers from running into ordering difficulties and misunderstandings. I want everyone to know the score, up front, before they order. But please, order away, I am geared up and ready to serve up great football memories to the world. Happy Holidays! WDR You may want to be aware of THE RED ZONE. 14 days, or less, prior to Christmas. This is the time, before Christmas, where your chances of receiving your order by Christmas, without paying the rush charge, become very slim. It is during this time that my operation is operating around the clock and may only be producing Christmas guarantee orders because there is so many of them that they are all I have time to do. BEWARE THE RED ZONE. It is also during this time, a non guaranteed order will be shipped regular mail. This 1 or 2 day delay, depending upon where in the world you are, could just be the delay that prohibits your order getting to you by Christmas day. The Red Zone is also the time of year when a guaranteed orders chancing of failing increase. The failure rate of guarentee orders is small, maybe 1% or less of guaranteed orders fail, but during the Red Zone, this may raise to 2% or less. This is due to the fact that, because time is short, there is little margin for error.

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Thank you and WDR Owner/President A Division of SPARX Enterprises

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