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Facts about SPSL

Listed here are a bunch of interesting facts about The SPSL.

1.  The SPSL will be a league whose teams are defined by Public School District Boundaries.

2.  The SPSL will serve as a kind of minor league to Public High Schools.

3.  Teams will compete in great regular season games while crowning divisional, conference, state, and national champions.

4.  Every team in the league will employ a flexible roster system.  An unlimited number of players can be listed on the roster, but, at all times, the roster must be comprised of at least 70% of the players from the school district team.  30% of the players on the roster can be with players not in the teams school district.  These players cannot be a member of a school district competing in the league, but must be players from school districts not competing in the SPSL.

5.  This will be a play to win league for all sports and all age divisions from 8 to 14.

6.  The league imposes no must play rules.

7.  The SPSL is not a recreational league.  It is not a come one come all league.  Rostered player may  have to try out to make the team.

8.  Divisions will not be defined by age but by the High School Class of.  For example, as of this writing, a 10 year old projects to be the high school class of 2019.  Each division will be defined by the graduating class of.  Each player must be able to prove his or her class and high school graduating class in order to know what division to compete in.

9.  The SPSL will be run by a "for profit" business. which is SPARX Enterprises, owned and operated by WDR.  There will be no boards staffed by people who have little love for the sport under their juristiction.  Each league will have State Rep, a School District Rep, and a specific sport rep that will manage the action.  They will all report to the league President and Vice President.

10.  Each team will need to define an Owner, General Manager, and Head Coach.  One person can hold more that one position and an Owner can be an organization.

11.  In general, the team owner will be responsible for paying the League Fee which will be about $100 for every regular season games scheduled.  If the league has 15 regular season games scheduled, the league fee for a team would be $1,500.00.

12.  Much of the league activity will be served by the internet.

The SPARX Public School League - SPSL

Why SPSL? 

If you have any questions, comments, or concerned feel free to contact or call 717-732-5643.



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