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SPARX SPORTS - Play to win!

Welcome to SPARX Sports, a Division of SPARX Enterprises


SPARX Sports is a Division of SPARX Enterprises.  It offers services related to athletics and competition in all sports.

Listed below are the many functions of SPARX Sports in all sports.

I.  Offers, organizes, manages, and implements Athletic Leagues, and Tournaments, of all kinds

     A. Primarliy Youth Sports

         1.  The SPARX Public School League - SPSL

          2.  The SPSL AND SPARX Sports

          2.  The SPARX Softball League

II.  Offers, organizes, manages, and implements Athletics Teams of all kinds.

     A.  SPARX Baseball

     B.  SPARX Track

     C .  SPARX Softball     


          2.  SPARX 10U Girls Softball

          3.  SPARX Sports Softball Tournaments

      D.  SPARX Football

          1.  SPARX Flag Football

          2.  SPARX Extreme Flag Football League 

           2.  SPARX 7 ON 7 Flag Football League 

       E.  SPARX Basketball

               1.  PA SPARX BASKETBALL

               2.  Basketball Tournaments

        F.  SPARX Volleyball

III.  SPARX Sanctioning Services

IV.  SPARX Sports 1 Year Participation Fee

For more information email or call 717-732-5643

since 8/2013

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