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SPARX Sports 1 Year Participation Fee

By admin - Posted on 26 June 2012

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Click the add to cart button above to add a 1 year SPARX Sports Participation Fee to your cart.  This fee is good for one year and covers participation in any and all SPARX Sports offered.  All rostered players on any SPARX Sports Team must have an active, paid, and up to date SPARX Sports Participation Fee Status.

This fee applies to one person participating in a SPARX Sports related sport.  When you fill out the information at checkout be sure to input information about this one person who is participating.  Put the billing information in that relates to the person who's credit card is being used.

Please note, this fee does not include any fees related to uniforms.

This fee officially registers you as a SPARX Sports athlete and, among other things, qualifies you under our insurance policy.

In some cases, this may be your only cost related to a SPARX Sports related team.  In other cases, you may have to pay this fee and others such as those related to uniforms, tournament fees, fundraisers, etc...

Your Participation fee also comes with free REGISTERED GUEST  priviledges.  See the link for more.  Basically, as long as you are up to date, you get free access to The Football Video Network.

At checkout a $4.99 handling fee will be added to your total along with a 6% sales tax charge.  Your total cost for this Participation fee will be $26.19.  Please note, if you were told of a $20 participation fee, you will get your $6.19 refunded, or deducted from any further team participation fees.

It is a good idea to PRINT THIS PAGE before you add it to your cart, or move on.

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