You are hereBeing a School District Rep - click here.

Being a School District Rep - click here.

If you are interested in Being a School District Rep please

email or call hiim at 717-732-5643.

and or see any of the links below.

1 The SPARX Public School League - SPSL

Learn more about improving Youth Athletics 


Interesting Facts about The SPSL

A School District Rep organizes and manages all of the athletic action in their School District.  Within the School District will be School District Sport Representatives.  One person will represent all of the action in that sport from grades 1 to 8.  All School District Sport Reps report to The School District Rep.  The School District Rep reports to the State Representative.

This is a paid position.  All salary is commission based.  A School District Rep gets a percentage of all League Fees paid by all teams formed within said School District.


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