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Who are we?

Who are we? is a Division of SPARX Enterprises, and is a privately held company that offers a selection of over 70,000 Football Games on VHS Video, DVD, and for on-line viewing. markets college and high school football training game films to be watched on Your Video Screen. Games played from 1905 to 1989 where originally mastered on 16mm or 8mm film. SPARX transfers the games from film to our master archival copies. Games played from about 1990 till the present are usually shot live in color and are VHS, SVHS, MII, or Beta Tape masters transferred to video, or DVD. Browse the site and see the selection of tens of thousands of College and High School game films. Probably every school that has ever played football since the 1920's is listed on this site! Bet I have some of "Your" favorite games. These games are available to be purchased right on this site or call 717-732-5643 8am-10pm EST Monday thru Sunday. Browse my site for many more interesting tidbits of College Football Game related stuff. The list continues to grow.



A Division of SPARX Enterprises

 SPARX Video Network Preview


Add flair to your purchase, and make it a collectible with a custom DVD sleeve and labels.
We pair up the silent video with a radio broadcast to give you the full AV experience!



In 1990 I sold 'em on VHS

2000 DVD

2015 thumb drive

2018 Google Drive it!

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