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WDR's Business Resume

Listed below is William D. Roman's (WDR) Business Resume.


1965 to 1973 - Grade School at St. John The Baptist School.

1974 to 1977 - Whitehall High School Graduate class of 1977.

1978 to 1982 - Kutztown University Graduate.   Bachelor of Arts - Speech and Theater Degree, with a Minor in Public Relations.

Business Experience

1982 to 1987 - Management Trainee, Assistant Manager, Assistant Division Manager, Regional Manager for G C Services Corporation, a large national collection agency. Houston, Texas, Dallas, Texas, San Francisco, California.  Managed the collection of Defaulted Federal Student Loans.  In 1986 my office, which consisted of about 50 employess, earned over 1 milliion dollars in profit for my company in one year.  An event that convinced me I need to run my own company and earn the 1 million for myself.  Especially since the income was almost specifically related to my efforts in getting the Federal Contract and performing better than any other collection agency contracted by The Department of Education for many years.  I revolutionized the way defaulted student loans were collected via the utilization of the new "Computer" technology, New School Management, credit reports, and other managerial techniques I developed.

Was voted Rookie Manager of the year 1986 in a company that had over 50 offices and thousands of employees nationwide.

1988 to 1990 - Management Consultant For Payco, one of the Largest Collection agencies in America.  Management Consultant for the  PHEAA Project.  My  job was to come in from the private sector and show PHEAA how professionals collect deliquent bills. Managed a team of over 200 employess and several billion dollars worth of defaulted student loans.

1991 to 1994 - Assistant Vice President of Defaults at the Pennsylvania Higher Education Agency in Harrisburg, PA.  My job was to manage about 200+ employees, and several billion dollars worth of delinquent student loans.  I redesigned the way PHEAA collected their past due accounts, and still collects them today making them the most successful Guarantor in the collection of defaulted student loans in the entire country.

1990 to present - Owner/President of SPARX Enterprises and it's other companies such as , , , SPARX Sports, and SPARX Management.  Over 1 million dollars worth of sales from a company who's business model, and idea never existed before.  It was a brand new concept/idea/business model. 

 SPARX Video Network Preview


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