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SPARX Spokesman Program

Be a SPARX Spokesman


Be a Spokesman for the products sold at

We sell mostly College Football Games on Video.

Here is how it works.

1.  Let WDR know of your interest in being a Spokesman, or, be identified by WDR as someone who should be a Spokesman.

2.  Communicate with WDR about your interest.

3.  Be approved by WDR to be a Spokesman.  

4.  Sign an agreement, officially become a Spokesman.

5.  Receive an up front Spokesman fee.  The amount, and manner of payment, will be determined pursuant to specific negotiations between SPARX and the Spokesman.

6.  Once an official Spokesman, receive 10% of the net sale of all sales referred by the Spokesman.

7.  Tell people about the product.  Get them to order.  Tell them to tell SPARX how they heard about SPARX. 

8.  When one of your referrals orders you get 10% of the net sale referred.

That simple, for more on the program email or call 717-732-5643.

 SPARX Video Network Preview


Add flair to your purchase, and make it a collectible with a custom DVD sleeve and labels.
We pair up the silent video with a radio broadcast to give you the full AV experience!



In 1990 I sold 'em on VHS

2000 DVD

2015 thumb drive

2018 Google Drive it!

Have your content emailed to you.




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