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SPARX Sales Contractor Program

Become a Sales Contractor For SPARX

Here is how it works.

Sign a SPARX Hold Harmless/Confidentiality Agreement

Sign a SPARX Sales Contractor Agreement

Work from home, make about $10 an hour or more.  Work as much, or as little as you like.

Purchase names of potential customers/college football players .  A 100 player minimum.  These players will be tagged, within the ROBOSPARX Computer System , as "belonging" to the specific Sales Contractor that purchased them, for one year.

About 2,000,000 guys played football.  SPARX has all of their names, the school they played at, and the years they played. It is this information you purchase.  These guys represent the possibility of over $100,000,000 worth of sales.

Pursue these players by implementing the Find 'em All Initiative which is a proven system devised by SPARX.

When these players, contacted by you, purchase from you get 20% of their net sale for one year from the date you purchased the player.

For example, if you purchase a list of players, contact one of those players, and they subsequently place an order for a net sale of $100 from , the Sales Contractor gets a $20 commission.  In this example, the Sales Contractor makes $20 from a lead for which they paid only 10 cents.  There is some money to be made here.

SPARX has already been administering The Find 'em All Initiative as it relates to finding players and selling them their games.  About 2,000 players have been pursued.  The numbers currenlty indicate that each player that is run thru the Find 'em All Initiative is eventually worth $2.42.  That means that, for the sales contractor, their 10 cent purchase  of each lead will soon be worth $2.42 in sales for SPARX, 20% of which will go to the sales contractor who found the guy which is a total of 48 cents.  Would you pay 10 cents to make 48?

The Sales contractor can actuallly talk to the player to get the sale, refer the player to , where they eventually place an order, refer them to SPARX, who subsequently gets the player to order in order to earn the commission.

For more information contact or call 717-732-5643.

Since 4/29/2016

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