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Share your FILMS - become a CLIENT

Share your FILMS with and become a CLIENT.

SPARX Enterprises, Parent company of , has relationships with many schools throughout the country. When WDR signs one of these agreements with a school, he calls the school a CLIENT. See more information about this at this link .

WDR would like to welcome your school as a CLIENT. In general, here is how the deal goes.

1. Agree to make your entire football game film library available to

2. Agree to help get the word out to your alumni about the films.

3. You get 5% of the net sales of these games.

4. You could get a a copy of each of these games for archival purposes for you school for a cost of $60.00 per game on DVD and in a digital derivative.(100 game minimum).

5. Allow WDR to market your games to the world on .

6. WDR would like to sign an agreement with your school.

7. Be a part of preserving College Football Games on Video. Please contact WDR at or call me at 717-732-5643. WDR Owner/President A Division of SPARX Entprises.

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Add flair to your purchase, and make it a collectible with a custom DVD sleeve and labels.
We pair up the silent video with a radio broadcast to give you the full AV experience!



In 1990 I sold 'em on VHS

2000 DVD

2015 thumb drive

2018 Google Drive it!

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