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Rose Bowl Channel

Channel 1 - 1926 Rose Bowl - Washington vs. Alabama
Channel 2 - 1931 Rose Bowl - Alabama vs. Washington State
Channel 3 - 1939 Rose Bowl - USC vs. Duke
Channel 4 - 1940 Rose Bowl - USC vs. Tennessee
Channel 5-   1957 Rose Bowl - Iowa vs. Oregon State
Channel 6 - 1960 Rose Bowl - Washington vs. Wisconsin
Channel 7 - 1961 Rose Bowl - Minnesota vs. Washington
Channel 8 - 1962 Rose Bowl - Minnesota vs. UCLA
Channel 9 - 1963 Rose Bowl - USC vs. Wisconsin
Channel 10 - 1965 Rose Bowl - Michigan vs. Oregon State
Channel 11 - 1968 Rose Bowl - USC vs. Indiana
Channel 12 - 1972 Rose Bowl - Michigan vs. Stanford

 Just click PLAY above and watch all shows.  Hours and hours of compelling college football video action just for you.  Or click the hyperlink if listed above and go right to a page that contains that whole game in it's own player.

The 12 channels listed above outline all of the games in the player on this page.  Just press play and watch all 12 games listed above in the order they are listed above.

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