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PRIMO PRESENTATIONS These are presentations that possess above average content. It is rated "PRIMO" because it has a good combination of above average Picture Quality, Significance, Presentation Mode, and Excitability combined with the fact that the presentation may not be available anywhere else but Here is my list of PRIMO Presentations. 1. PRINCETON HIGHLIGHTS 1949 TO 1951 - The Dick Cazmier Years. The 1951 Heisman Trophy Award Winner.

Click here to buy Princeton Football Highlights 1949 to 1951 - Cost $130.00.

3. Notre Dame vs. Michigan State 1966 - Check out this awesome compilation of the game. We've pieced together the worlds only complete "TV" version of this game.

Click here to buy Notre Dame vs. Michigan State 1966 - Cost $130.00.

4. Oklahoma vs Nebraska 1966 - Just a great looking color 16mm game film master with crowd sounds. A big 10-9 win for the Sooners.

Click here to buy Oklahoma vs Nebraska 1966 - Cost $130.00.

5. Florida vs Georgia Tech 1967 - Orange Bowl. Re-live the era, the pageantry, the great plays of the game. Steve Spurrier behind center.

Click here to buy Florida vs. Georgia Tech 1967 - Orange Bowl - Cost $130.00.

6. 1968 Harvard vs. Yale - Harvard's 29-29 win!

Click here to buy 1968 Harvard vs. Yale - Cost $130.00.

7. MIAMI VS FLORIDA 1970 - 14-13 Big Early Miami Win over Florida. The tide begins to turn. Great Clear, Close Up view of this great game played over 30 years ago! A must have game for the avid Miami fan.

Click here to buy MIAMI VS FLORIDA 1970 - Cost $130.00.

8. Oklahoma vs. Nebraska 1971 - Johnny Rodgers Shines.

Click here to buy Oklahoma vs. Nebraska 1971 - Cost $130.00.

9. 1973 FLORIDA GATORS HIGHLIGHTS - Check out this crystal clear production of the Gators 7-5 season. Picture quality is PRIMO!

Click here to buy 1973 FLORIDA GATORS HIGHLIGHTS - Cost $130.00.


Click here to buy 1974 NOTRE DAME VS USC - Cost $130.00.


Click here to buy 1977 OKLAHOMA VS OHIO STATE - Cost $130.00.

12. Penn State vs. Nebraska 1982.

Click here to buy Penn State vs. Nebraska 1982. - Cost $130.00.

13. Boston College vs. Miami 1984 - The Flutie Miracle Game in it's entirety plus (Postgame Interviews WDR Says - "Easily, the most unbelievable comback in a Nationally televised college football game ever!" "And we have a beautiful presentation of this game." "Our most highly recommended!"

Click here to buy Boston College vs. Miami 1984 - Cost $130.00.

14. Miami vs. Florida State 1987.

Click here to buy Miami vs. Florida State 1987 - Cost $130.00.

15. Notre Dame vs. Miami 1988.

Click here to buy Notre Dame vs. Miami 1988- Cost $130.00.

16. Alabama vs Miami 1993 - Alabama wins 34-13.

Click here to buy Alabama vs Miami 1993- Cost $130.00.

17. Florida vs. South Carolina 1994 - Beta Tape Mastered

Click here to buy -Florida vs. South Carolina 1994 Cost $130.00.

18. Colorado vs. Michigan 1994.

Click here to buy Colorado vs. Michigan 1994- Cost $130.00.

To order any of the PRIMO presentations listed above, look them up in the Football Video Catelog and add them to your cart. If you have any questions about PRIMO presentations feel free to call WDR at 717-732-5643.

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