You are hereA new way to shop at this site

A new way to shop at this site

There is a new way to shop

Of course maybe the first question is, "how do you shop at now"?

I'd say most people "shop" at this site by searching for the game or games they want by using the search box in the upper left hand corner of this screen.  They enter the game, or games they want, and, if I have it, it pops up, they click on it, put it in their cart and then checkouot.

Some people use the video catelog black button listed on the left.  That works too.

Some people just surf directly into my site and right on to the game they searched.  Usually on google or yahoo.

There are lot of ways hundreds of people shop my site every day.

But now, a new way. 

Lets first discuss how and why a person enters my site.

Some knew about my site, have visited it before, and just entered to directy access the site and do their "shopping".

Some never heard of but ride links to it pursuant to hyperinks from other parts of the internet.

Either way, heretofore, folks come to my site to see the games/presentations I HAVE.  That's cool, keep it up, nothing changes here.  Just adding a new way, and a new reason folks come to

Now, a new qualified set of folks will come to my site to know more about ANY college football game EVER played.  They will see my game code for it, the score, and whether or not they can see the game on their video screen - wherever it is.

There is no other single site on the internet that lists EVERY college football game ever played and the score. is it, and this is what we will shop and see if we can get to the point of seeing the game on video.

So, now, in general, folks will come to not only to see games I HAVE, but EVERY game ever played.

Here is how we start.



3.  Shop the Ivy League

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