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More on What you can do on The Football Video Network.

Here are some of the cool things you can do as a Member of The Football Video Network.

Simply  watch the hundreds and hundres of hours of tantalizing football video footage on the many channels of The Network.  Pick out specific presentations, or just go to a channel, press play, and sit back and enjoy.  Start and stop and watch the footage on your timetable.

REQUEST FOR ONLINE VIEWING -  You can simply request a game or presentation be put up on The Network.  No guarantee the game will get there but, if many subscribers want to see the same game it will be put up on the site.

PURCHASE FOR ONLINE VIEWING - You can straight up Purchase a game to be put up on The Network.  Pay for a game and see it on The Network within 2 weeks.

UPDATE/UPGRADE YOUR MEMBERSHIP - Need info on how to update your subscription?

REQUEST A CHANNEL - Got a channel idea you'd like to see on The Network.  Let WDR know about it.

For any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to email or call 717-732-5643.


 SPARX Video Network Preview


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2000 DVD

2015 thumb drive

2018 Google Drive it!

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