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How to use Special SKUs

Here is how to use Special SKUs to order products at

The reason we use Special SKUs is because it is the only way to have the Shopping Cart associated with this site to charge you the corrrect discount price.

Each product on this site comes with a price that is currently unchangable.  So, if you want to get a discount approved by WDR, you can't search for a game, put it in your cart, and checkout in the usual way.  If you do, we will be charged the full price for that product.

So, if you got a discount approved by WDR, and you were referred to a particular Special SkU, here is how you process your order.

First please know you do not order in the usual way.  You don't search for a game, click on it, add it to your cart and check out.  But, you DO, click on the Special SKU and put that special sku in your cart.  That Special SKU will tell the shopping cart to charge the appropriate discounted price approved by WDR.  But, the special SKU will not tell the system what game or games or products you want.  So, you will need to


For example, if I ordered my favorite game on the site, and was charged $50 for it here is what I'd do.  I'd click on the sku, put it in my cart, and check out.  I'd fill out all the order info and then, in the comment section at the end of the checkout process i would notate

1980 Kutztown vs. Millersivlle

per discount Code WDR

This way, you will be charged the right discounted price, and WDR will know what it is you are ordering.

Any questions about this, email or call 717 732 5643

Remember, discounted order can be processed over the phone and you won't have to know about any of this.



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