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How Does The Football Video Network Work?

What is The Football Video Network?

A True Football Fan's Heaven! is the website where tens of thousands of football games are available for purchase on VHS or DVD. The Football Videos Network is the place where, now, these games can be viewed on-line. The Football Videos Network is also the place where football media of all kinds will be available for the avid football fan. The Football Video Network operates within

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  Here is how it works.

In order to access The Football VIdeo Network you must follow the steps below;


When you subscribe to The Football Video Network you get access to all channels in the network.  Currently there are 16 channels in the Network.  In the future there may be dozens of channels in The Football Video Network.  Each channel will have hundreds of presentations.  Hours and hours of football video action.

You simply need to determine how long you'd like to subscribe to The Football Video Network.  You can subscribe on a month to month basis or for 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 years.  The more years you subscribe, the lower the cost per month.  On the high side, youd pay $5.00 per month, on the low side, you'd pay about $2.50 a month.  the cost is still much less than you pay for the Sunday Newspaper.  But, the network has so much more to offer.

Please also note, there is a one-time/lifetime Network Connection fee of $4.99.  This will be added on in the shopping cart.


Once you pay your fee, you will be authorized to enter the network.  All you will need to do is go to , enter your user name and password in the blue log in box on the left of the screen, then click on The Football Video Network (FBVN) and you will go right into the Network.

You can simply watch the hours and hours of awesome football videos already be broadcast in the network.

You can buy presentations and have them put up on the network.  Games will be put on the Network within 2 weeks.

You can request games be put up on the network.  No cost to you.  But it may take awhile till the game you request gets up on the site.  It is possible the game you requested will never be put up on the site until, and unless you pay for it but you are invited to request a game be put up free of charge - doesn't hurt to ask.

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