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House of SPARX Affiliate Program

The House of SPARX (HOS) Affiliate Program is a program designed for anyTruther Organization out their looking to team up with like minded people with like minded goals and those goals that support the bringing about and implementation of NESARA/GESARA otherwise known as The Great Awakening, Heaven on Earth, and the rebuilding of The Garden of Eden.

It all starts by contacting WDR at 717-732-5643,, and this website known as

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If you would like to become a HOS Affilate you would need to have a Tribe. What is a Tribe? A Tribe is a group of Truthers who share the characteristics below

1. A Tribe that believes in God.

2. A Tribe that anticipates, and believes in the implementation of NESARA/GESARA

3. A Tribe head that contacts WDR

Once an Affilate, this is what you can expect.

Your Tribe will enter into a sychronistic relationship with The House of SPARX.

Your Tribe will not "own" The HOS and The HOS will not "own" your Tribe. Both will exist independant of the other but will strive to enter into a sychronistic relationship with The HOS. By extension, your Tribe will be connected, Through The HOS, with other Tribes in The HOS Affilate Program. All will seek to work in concert to achieve our goal which is essentially to speed the plow toward The Great Awakening.

There will be not contracts to sign and no BAR members, known as attornies or lawyers will be involved in this communion.

The only documents outlining our relatioinship will be this page outlining The HOS Affiliate Program.  If so desired, WDR and the Tribe can print and mutually sign this agreement.

The HOS will post the names of cooperating Tribes and the cooperating Tribes can do the same.

Since 8/1/2023



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