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Help Find Football Alumni Program

Here is what you need to know about my "Data Input and Research Position"

1.  I have lists of football alumni from hundreds of schools.  The lists contain the names of the players, where they played, when they played, and the games I have from when they played.

     A. Your job is to work these lists and procure contact information for WDR in the form of Facebook contact, email address, physical address, and phone numbers.

    B. This information will be input into a microsoft excel spreadsheet.

2.  Here is what you need to do to get a list

    A.  Contact WDR by emailing at, call 717-732-5643, or text 580-7620.

    B.  WDR must approve your participation in the Program.

    C.  Pay 10 cents per name on a list.  Must buy at least 100 names for $10.

Click here to purchase approved product for $10.00 your first purchase will include a $4.99 Program fee, shown on your order form at Shipping and Handling as the Program fee is a type of handling fee.

     D.  I have hundreds of thousands of names.

3. Once you are all set up and working your list you will get 20% of every order placed by a guy on your list for one year from the date the list was given to you.




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