There are two types of Franchise Programs

1.       The Complete Franshise Program

2.       The Limited Franchise Program

          A.  The Limited Participating School Franchise Program

          B.  The Limited Non Participating School Franchise Program

All Franchisee's Deals will require...

     1.  An up front down payment.

     2.  A monthly payment.

     3.  These two amounts will add up to the total cost of the Franchise.

The Franchisee's benefits are...

     1.  A percentage of all sales of the Franchise Schools games through 

          A.  Your Franchise Schools games will be defined within an all inclusive list of the presentations and their corresponding Presentation Identification Code (PIC).

     2.  Same as those outlined in the Marketing and Sales Contractor Agreement.

          A.  You get a percentage of every sale you refer.

          B.  You get $1 for every game received from a College you recruited as a client.

               1.)  I usually get about 400 to 1000 games from a school.

     3.  Franchisee's receive a 1 TB Hard Drive that contains all Franchise related information.

If you are interested in the Franchise Program please email or call 717-732-5643.

since 11/11/2015

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