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This page was established on 2/9/2020.  Welcome.  This is the continuation and the intensification of my efforts to get all 2 million guys that played, and the 8 million people that would like to see them play, and the 80 million college football fans, to check out or call


and relive the football video history of college football on their own video screen.  It's possible, I have 15% of every college football game played since 1950 right here, right now.

"Football is Life" is my show.  I think you will be entertained and educated by my show.  I call it Edutainment.  You will get a kick out of checking out my content and, you just might learn something.

The show contends that Football is Life and the things you learn playing football will help you in every day life.

There are several ways you can watch the show.  This is one of them.  I prefer if you pay a one time fee of $5 (1 cent subscription + one time $4.99 connection charge) to watch all of my shows, as many times as you'd like, whenever you want, wherever you are for 10 years, right here at The Football Video Network.  I think it's a bargain but you be the judge.

There will be Live shows, and produced shows available.  Have a lot of fun with the interactive nature of my many live shows to come.  Be a part of the show, tell me YOUR story.  Football stories are interesting.  I want to help tell them all.

How would you like to see Dr. Oz playing football?  Who has that?  I have no where else available, one of a kind, rare footage of him playing at Harvard.  So interesting.  Watch closely and you can see him get called for defensive holding.  If you can point out the play to me I will give you a $20 gift certificate.

Lots of  fun things to see and do here especially during my live shows.  Interact with me live.  Let's talk Football and Football Stories.  Maybe I will even throw your footage up there so you can get a free trip back in time and see any one over over 50,000 football games played since 1903!

But creating this show is not cheap.  I need you to subscribe.  Just $5 for 10 years of Football Video Magic.  You are subcribing to a virtual time machine.  As a subcriber you will be kept up to date on my live shows and upcoming events.  Talk to me, as a subscriber, I want to know what you'd like to see.  Tell me and I will put it on The Football Video Network . Like old single wing games? Let me know. like watching the wishbone run to perfection? Let me know? Want to see great players in action like NFL Hall of Famers Andre Reed, Tommy MacDonald, Jerry Kramer, let me know, they are all customers of mine and I have a bunch of their games.  Whatever kind of football video itch you have, I can scratch it.  Big-time interactive. So please, subscribe, support my cause and the preservation of America's College Football Videos.

Click here for a 10 year Subscription to Football is Life for 1 cent





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