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First Order Discount

Welcome to The Black Friday Special

I have actually expanded the boundaries of my best sales day of the year.  This special is in effect for all orders placed from Thanksgiving Thursday 7pm est to midnight Black Friday 11/25/2011.

The FIRST ORDER OF THE DAY DISCOUNT will now only apply to those who know about it and to the first 10 Black Friday Customers. 

At this time -  9 - Customers can still take advantage of this deal.

sale 1 - 2 Fine Air Force games from 1982 and 1985.  Bought one, got one free!  Great deal!

FIRST ORDER OF THE DAY DISCOUNT Here is how this one works. If you are the first person to place an order at this site each day, you can buy 1 or more games at the regular price and get 1 other game (of the same or less price) free. In other words you can get 1 game and get 1 game free. You can buy 2 games and get 1 game free. You can buy 3 games and get 1 game free can buy as many games as you want at the regular price and get 1 game free. You can call WDR at 717-732-5643 to place your order, or email  .  You must know about this special in order for this special to apply. All orders are non-cancellable. If you take advantage of this special and do not contact WDR, just notate the free game you would like in the Comment section at the checkout process. Assume that your order was accepted unless you hear otherwise.  Soon after you place your order, you will get an email confirming your free game.  Place your order with confidence if there is at least 1 Customer outlined in red above.  That number will count down and be updated in real time.  Order now, and be one of the 1st 10 customers who can take advantage if this great holiday special.

Feel free to use our newest COOL feature and click on the Live Help button in the upper right hand part of this screen.  In most cases, you can communicate directly with WDR.

If you have trouble placing your order feel free to call 717-732-5643, WDR can handle it, or follow these instructions to place your order online

1.  Pick out the game or games you want.  Put them in your cart.  Don't put the free game you want in your cart along with its price.

2.  Check out.

3.  At the end of the checkout process there is a comment section box.  Just notate the free game you want in that box

4.  Also in the comment section box notate DIscount Code - BOGO.

Please note, this special is no longer available to the general public.  It is now available only to the first 10 customers that place their order within the time frame outlined above.

It no longer relates to the first order of the day, but the same dynamics apply to the first 10 Black Friday Customers.

So, eat and enjoy your turkey, watch the ball games, take a nice long nap, then get online and get those games you've been wanting for a long time now at discounted prices.

Feel free to tell your little Santa's about this special.  They may want to give it a crack.



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