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Do The Math

There are a lot of of potential customers out there for

Lets do the Math and try to understand how the numbers support a huge income potential.

At least 600 Colleges have been playing football for at last 60 years.

Thats about 36,000 seasons for these 600 schools.

Each year, a football season consists of about 10 games.

So thats a total of about 360,000 college football games that have probably been played since 1950.

In each of those games played about 50 different players over a course of a season.

This means there are about 1,800,000 guys out there who played college football since 1950.  Add the guys who played before 1950 (I have many of those games too) and this total can be rounded up to about 2,000,000.

Even if we could contact every one of them, most likely, only 30% of them would order.  Thats about 600,000 probable customers.  

Consider these 2,000,000 players probably have at least 4 people in their lives who would love to see them playing college football.  Thats 8,000,000 people.  Factor in the fact that 30% of them would order and you get 2,400,000 probable customers.

Currently there is about 312,332,058 people in America.  We will sell some to folks outside of America, but not much, and I really don't consider non American's a target market, so let's just talk about sales to Americans.  It is safe to say that at least 25% of them are college football fans.  That's 78,083,013 people.  Even if we could contact every one of them, most likely, only 1% of them would purchase from us.  That's about 780,830 probable customers. 

Add these 3 groups together and they total about 3,780,830 possible customers out there.  I have already served about 15,000 of them.  That leaves about  3,780,830 possible customers out there.

Currently, I have about 15% of every College Football game ever played so that means I could only serve 15% of these people so that means there is a conservative estimate of about 564,874 probable customers out there.

Consider my average order amount of $140 and that means there is currently a potential of  $79,397,439 worth of income potential possible from sales at

Their are about 200 bigger football schools out there who are prime candidates for the SPARX Archival Service.  This entails SPARX converting all school game films to DVD and to a digital derivative to be stored on a hard drive.  Mostly on the the bigger, richer schools are motivated to do this.  Each school who signs an archival service affords SPARX $50,000 in gross sales.  A nice chunk of change that represents $10 Million of additional income to this plan.

That puts the total gross income projection at about $89 million, an amount I think I can collect in about 20 years.

And this amount included only sales from FOOTBALL GAMES.  If we get Basketball and Other sports, we could double or triple that number!

That's a very big number!

Would you invest in this?  See Investor Plan.

I am hoping you would  Please contact me.

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