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Delivery Information

INFORMATION ABOUT DELIVERY Please know it generally takes about 1 to 6 weeks for delivery for any game listed at SOME GAMES CAN TAKE LONGER. If you would like a rush order click here. Rush Orders Your Credit Card will be run the day you place your order, as we go to work as soon as you place your order. Most games are in house, some games come from suppliers. I have many suppliers. Some suppliers take longer than others to deliver. If you would like a general idea of how long the exact game you want to buy may take for delivery email and he can give you a better idea. Please do not be surprised to see your credit card bill, and the charge for your game, before you get your game. This can happen. Thank you. Also, feel free to call me at 717-732-5643.  WDR Owner/President A Division of SPARX Enterprises

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