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Dear Bill,

               It was wonderful to talk to you last month!  The DVD's I ordered of my husband, Tony Cristiani, playing for the Miami Hurricaines came in lightening speed !  There was no way we could wait until Christmas to watch them.  Tony was like a little kid opening up the packages!  We stayed up until the wee hours of the night watching the games, how great!!!  Thank you for the professional presentation...Tony commented on how nicely they were packaged as he was ripping off the wrapping :-) 

               This is such a great service you are providing!  Tony got to re-live his football years, and I got to see my husband play football for the first time ever.  Wow!  We then took the CD's to Tony's Dad's house to watch.   (Pete is 84 years old, and wasn't feeling well).  Watching Tony play again made his dad's day!

               Next stop will be my 89 year old Mom, Bunny.  Mom knew football better than I did when I first met Tony 7 years ago.  She told me, " That's very impressive!" when I informed her that Tony was a 2 time All American football player.  I am embarrassed to say I did not know what that meant at the time.  Mom and I got online and googled Tony's name back then, and found the great little clip I've attached!

              We will be visiting Tony's son Mark and his family for Christmas to share the videos with them.  Mark took Tony's number 70, while playing in high school and college.  Mark was captain of his football team in high school and in college, at Eastern Kentucky University (just as his Dad did).  We can't wait for Mark to see his Dad playing, for the first time.  Our new grandson and granddaughter can watch too when they are older!  We can't thank you enough.  I had unsuccessfully searched for these video's for a few years now, so I know how difficult it can be to find them. 

              We were reading your posted emails, regarding the changing face of college football.  Tony wanted me to mention that he roomed with the first black football player at the University of Miami, Ray Bellamy.  There are so many great memories that we have shared, thanks to your great service!  Keep your eyes open for the Miami vs Army 1972.  Tony says it was a great game!  We wish you very Happy Holiday's!  Thank you again for all you do!

                             Melissa & Tony Cristiani

******* Hello! I ordered a video last year for my father who played football for ASU and I have to say it was one of the best gifts I could have ever given him! Once he opened the package and realized what it was, he immediately started to tear up! Unfortunately for the team at the time but lucky for us, ASU trailed most of the game which meant dad was in most of the video playing defensive end! Thanks again for a great opportunity to capture such a memorable part of our family! I'm back again to check on the other 2 games you have listed online. Thanks! Beverly Stahl *******************************

Dear Bill, Just a line to tell you how much I enjoyed our conversation the other evening - in spite of the fact that you did not yet have any of the game films on tape that I am looking for. I think your idea to transfer game films to tape is absolutely outstanding. For those of us who played it's an opportunity to relive those days of youth, strength and energy, as well as an opportunity to show somewhat doubtful sons-in-laws that we were really there once upon a time! For those who contributed by being there and being part of that on-going American party, Saturday afternoon football - the way it was then will be a pleasant break - half time insert anyway. I wish you continued success in gaining access to University and College film libraries, and please let me know as soon as you get more films from the Lafayette 1951 and 1953 seasons. John D. (Jack) Smith *****************************************

SPARX, Collegiate football traditions run deep in this part of the USA and to have a historical record of that in my personal home video library is something I just couldn't do without. I can't describe the thrill I feel when I can watch myself (in all my youthful vigor) 20 years ago. A flood of memories rush back of not only football but the entire college experience and the Vietnam era of our nation's history. I am fortunate in having a co-worker who was on that Bucknell tam and we truly had a good time watching that (he more than me since Bucknell won) game and entertained our other co-workers as well as our reminisces. Phil Noto ***************************************

Dear Bill, Just a few lines to let you know how much I am enjoying the 1940 Colgate-Duke game films on my TV. I have played it over and over using pause and slow motion modes to further examine particular plays. For anyone who cut their football teeth on single wing football, this particular match contained a great variety of formations and variations on each formation. It is a real nostalgic trip! Both teams ran and passed from the standard single wing. Duke also employed the short punt formation from which they quick kicked, among other things. Colgate also used the double wing from which they ran and passed from wing back reverses and double reverses. While in the single wing, both teams used the full back spinner series and the buck lateral series. I haven't tired of watching the tape yet and am enjoying it to the utmost. Until I contact you again, I'll just say so long for now and hope your business keeps expanding to include past games from other colleges. Frank Colburt

Dear William,  We have just received the football videos of our father's games from the 50's.  After many years of hearing football stories, it was the first time we actually got to see him play.  It was a joy to see him relive these games with us.  This was the best  Father's Day present that we could have given him.  We have searched for several years in an effort to find these films for him.  Thank you for ending this search.  My father has already contacted several of his old college buddies to watch the games.  You will probably hear from them soon.  Thanks again, Jeanne D 

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