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Awesome Customer Program

Check out  my Awesome Customer Special, qualify and save big time!
Here is the scoop on this program.
#1 -  You must have placed at least one order and it must have been satisfactorily fulfilled.
#2 -  You must be interested in at least 24 more games listed at
#3 -  You must furnish WDR with the list of all games you may want, be it 24, 72, or 144.  Please email your list to
#4 -  You must be willing to pay for 1 order every month.
#5  -  You must furnish with your credit card information.
#6 -  Your card will automatically be charged every month.
#7  -  Through this program you can purchase games for as little as $25/game!
#8 - WDR must personally approve you.  Email and see if you qualify.
#9  -  Every effort will be made to ship your entire order within 30 days of the date it was placed.
It's a great way to save big time.
You may choose a 1, 2, or 3 year deal.  To purchase click on the appropriate link below.
Again, email with any questions, and, or, any information germaine to this program or call 717-732-5643.


 SPARX Video Network Preview


Add flair to your purchase, and make it a collectible with a custom DVD sleeve and labels.
We pair up the silent video with a radio broadcast to give you the full AV experience!



In 1990 I sold 'em on VHS

2000 DVD

2015 thumb drive

2018 Google Drive it!

Have your content emailed to you.




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