What is ASAP and the ASAP System?

ASAP stands for American SPARX Account Profile.  The ASAP System is the System driven by ASAPs.

It is basically an account for and about an American Citizen.  Only American citizens can get an ASAP.  You can get an ASAP Number. WDR is the sole determiner of whether someone is an official American citizen, or not.

Inside the file will be kept all kinds of confidential information about the person.  

The are many purposes to this information.  Some of them are listed below;

1. ASAP PURCHASE It can be used to buy something, llke a credit card.  How bout instead of using a credit card, you just punch in your ASAP number?

2. ASAP FOOTBALL It can be used within the world to help identify specific information about a guy who played football.

3.  ASAP BUY It can be used to buy something.  Just type what you need into the ASAP system, and you can get answers as to the entities that can help you get what you need at a good price.

4.  ASAP SELL It can be used to sell something.  Got something to sell, type it into the ASAP System and sell it.

5. ASAP VOTING Via the ASAP Voting System you can vote on issues pertaining to you and others.

6. ASAP POLLING, RESEARCH, STUDIES AND SURVEYS as a part of your ASAP account you can take polls and surveys and see the results which will be the basis for future steps and initiatives to be taken.

7. ASAP ADVERTISING Get an ASAP account and take advantage of free advertising.  Tell the ASAP system what you want to advertise.  Get it advertised free in the ASAP Advertising System.

The information contained in any specific ASAP can be no more than your Name,Address, Phone Number, and Email.  It can then expand to containing more and more information about you.  This information will be used for your benefit, never for you demise.

Pretty cool, To get YOUR ASAP email he will get you started.



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