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The House of SPARX Platinum Membership for $1,000

By admin - Posted on 22 June 2024

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Click the add to cart button above in order to add a $1000.00 SKU to your shopping cart. Be sure to notate the exact product you are buying in the Order Comment Section at the end of the checkout process. Below is an outline of what The House of SPARX Platinum Membership is;


  1. The HOS Platinum Lifetime Membership is $1,000.
    1. 1 Time payment or the $1,000 can be made in payments.
    2. Existing Club SPARX Members wanting to upgrade to Platinum can do so at a discounted price. Every dollar you have spent at will be credited off the $1,000 membership price.
      1. For example, if, heretofore you spent $582 on anything here at SPARX you can credit that amount against the $1,000 fee and pay only $418.
  2. All Platinum Members will receive the following;
    1. All benefits awarded Gold Club Members less the EE System exposure.
    2. A 2 day 1 night visit to The Mini House of SPARX Florida in Orlando.
    3. The HOS will pay the first $200 of your travel expenses.
      1. Hopefully this can be in the form or The HOS paying for your airline ticket.
    4. You will be schooled on how to operate all of Johns “eQuipment”. A listing of all such equipment is as follows
      1. The Citizen Medbed
      2. The Baxstar Scan
      3. All grounding technologies
      4. All sauces
      5. All Wands
    5. You will be exposed to healing technologies as you learn the eQuipment.
    6. After your 2 day Truthful Healing Awakening Experience you will be awarded a membership to the 369 Club.
      1. The 369 Qlub are those Platinum members who know how to use and operate all of John Baxter’s eQuipment.
        1. This will come in handy when opening a HOS and working on getting the The Citizen Medbeds into the building.
    7. After the 2 days, you will have used the technology, been exposed to it’s healing modalities, hopefully love the technology, and then may want to buy some of the eQuipment and bring it back to your state, your HOS.
      1. This is how we will grow the HOS.
    8. For those interested in purchasing some or all of the equipment here is some information for you;
      1. You can get a discount off of all posted prices.
      2. You can also work with HOS Management to arrange financing options.
    9. For those who love the eQuipment, buy it, and take it home with them, here are some options for them to consider.
      1. You can open up your own Healing Center. What you call it is up to you. But, a part of this deal is it will be called a HOS of SPARX in whatever state you are in.
      2. We start with these mini houses of SPARX, and when GESARA kicks off we build the bigtime $50 million HOS in that state.
      3. If and when you open your healing center, The HOS will refer customers to you.
      4. You will get paid $300 for every Platinum Member sent to your healing center for the 2 day Qlub 369 award training.
  3. All income received by The HOS from Platinum memberships will be put in a type of bank. This "bank" will be used to fund HOS Operations such as helping club members. It will also be used to pay travel expenses and the $300 payment to the HOS offering the services.

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